Explore the economic benefits and positive environmental impact of a plastic circular economy in Western Australia with Enviro Recycling. We provide recycled plastic materials and products for businesses, local governments, and organizations seeking a recycling service for their waste plastic. Our services also include transport and export options for added convenience.

Plastic Recycling Program

Our plastic recycling program is a comprehensive solution designed to support Australian businesses, local governments and organisations in their sustainability efforts. We can take your waste  plastic, meticulously process it in our facility and return a high-quality product that can be further reused in manufacturing. Partner with us to reclaim plastic waste and transform the environment!

  • Plastic material we recycle: HDPE, PET, PP, ABS, PC
  • For any other materials please contact us directly

Custom Recycling Solutions

At EnviroRecycling we can offer your organisation a tailored service to meet your unique needs. Whether you need us to provide you with a processing service for you to use in manufacturing or simply need recycled plastics for sustainability needs, EnviroRecycling has the solutions for you. Kindly send us an email outlining your requirements and we can offer a tailored service to you!

We can also offer cost effective collection and transport services for your plastic waste coming to us.